Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A new project for the year of finishing and not starting! I guess I'm not very good at holding onto that idea. Anyway, this idea came from NancyZ in my quilt group who did a row-by-row quilt with another group she's in. I have to admit that I was hesitant to get involved in this because I have so many things I want to finish rather than start a new project. But once she showed her completed top, I was a sucker to get in on this one.

Here are the rules. Each member makes a row of blocks for however wide she wants her quilt. I have chosen the block Hole in the Barn Door for my first row. I'm using a Moda bundle of Blackbird Design's Ella's Linen Closet. Every other month when our group meets, my box with my rows and fabrics will be passed to the next one on our list. She will make a row of blocks from my fabrics and than pass it onto the next. With seven in our group and passing the boxes every other month, it will be a while before I get my box back to put it all together. That's fine with me; I'm working as fast as I can to finish what I've got going on here.

We have to pin a slip of paper with our name on it to our row before it gets passed on. I've ironed freezer paper to some quilt labels I have in my stash. My thought is to applique each label on the back of my finished quilt behind the row that each friend sewed. I love this project already!

Here's a link to Audrey's row.


Audrey said...

Nice Row! I am already planning my blocks for your row!

Pokey said...

What a nice idea. Good thinking on the labels for the back, Mary, don't be surprised if others follow suit, I certainly would ~

Karen Sue said...

I'm really liking this ...and you won't know what you have until it's done..How much fabric to start

Lorri said...

It's beautiful! I have so many projects in the works right now, its hard to keep up. Everytime I visit a blog they are showcasing swoon, granny squares, dresdens, farmers wife, Dear jane...too many to join! Have fun.

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

What an great idea, love this! Makes me wish I quilted, hehe.

Mary, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend~