Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've been stitching and finishing Christmas ornaments. My goal is to have at least 12 by the time I decorate my bannister for Christmas this year. These are my latest pieces.

The Joy Santa is a freebie from Pineberry Lane. The beads on the side are some that I bought years ago when I was a college student. I can't believe I've hung onto them that long.

A red snowflake? Actually, my inspiration piece was something I saw on the web; and it was a white snowflake. I didn't realize how huge this was going to be once it was stitched, so I just finished it off like this and hope to redo a smaller one later on.

I laugh at the Joy House because I have proven to myself I can be the ultimate slacker. This pattern came from Just Cross Stitch's ornament issue dated 1990, and that is probably when I stitched it. I just finished putting in three stitches that it needed it a couple of days ago. See what I mean? This house is very similar to my mom and dad's house which is why I wanted to make this up. At the time I stitched it, their house was grey; and the door should be where the window is and vice versa. Twenty-two years ago I didn't feel comfortable enough with my work to make even a small change like that. I still follow directions almost to the T, but I've kind of developed a wild hair attitude these past few years. I just may stitch another one of these and make it look like their house.


Audrey said...

Yeah, that's you - a wild hair. You go rebel! Nice ornaments!

Pokey said...

What sweet ornaments. Good for you to get ahead of the holiday! My luck, I'd poke them away and lose them before Christmas, lol

Sara said...

You certainly are ambitious! I think the ornaments are beautiful!

Christine said...


Christine said...

Oops pressed too soon! LOL
Your x stitch finishes are great!
Love Pineberry Lane patterns.

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Okay, okay Mary... I get it. I need to get my rear in gear, lol. I actually looked through some patterns looking for Christmas ornaments. I'm such a type A that I couldn't find 12 that went together. Why can't I just make up 12 cute, quick & easy ornaments?!? So thank you for helping me get past that. I love the ones that you've made up. The house one is really neat, love how pecial it is for you! Oh, and I'm the same way on sticking to the pattern, lol.