Saturday, February 4, 2012

This isn't the best picture; but it's a double ruffle skirt I made for Natie this afternoon using this tutorial.

My daughter Julie came over to sew with me. She had four pieces of fabric, and we were each going to make two skirts for Natie. That way we'd be done in record time. You think? I ended up sewing while she made matching hair bows and necklaces. It was just easier to do the sewing while she puttered and entertained with her funny stories.

I don't normally drink coffee in the afternoon, but I picked up a bottle of this earlier for us to try. Love it!

Our winter has been unusually mild, and the sap is already running in the trees. Julie's husband Travis already has enough sap to boil and make maple syrup. So our little model for these skirts was spending time in the sugar house with her dad.


Anneke said...

we hád an unusual mild winter too, but last week and next week we're having unusual freezing weather. All dutchmen are on their skates all of a sudden. It's funny but great!!

Love the skirt and I think it's great to sew together with your daughter.

Sue said...

Precious times and precious memories in the making :)

Audrey said...

Very cute. Too bad the model was not available!

Pokey said...

Sewing with a daughter for a granddaughter, priceless creative time!
I love the Creme Brulee Coffeemate, oh, y.u.m.

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Mary,
I want to thank you for your nice comment on my blog...always nice to see you visit.

What a sweet skirt - I hope you are able to get a photo when she's done being 'daddy's helper'.


Donna said...

What an adorable skirt! I always loved sewing for my girls when they were little.

Kathy Ellen said...

What an adorable little skirt!

We have had an unusually mild winter here too. After last winter's multiple snow storms, I think that many people are relieved not to shovel it, but I miss some snow in winter.

Karen Sue said...

I LOVE that skirt!! I noticed it when she came down for children's time yesterday and then later when she came to pick Julie up from Sunday School!! I almost asked her if I could borrow it!! I made a new ruffle skirt last summer and wore it a ton. It just makes you smile and twirl!!

Siobhán said...

It sounds like such a fun time! The skirt is too cute.

Melanie said...

Flavored cremes are the best part of coffee. And they change with the seasons. Darling skirt. Great fabric....

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Cute skirt! I'm sure little Natie is going to be adorable in it, especially with the matching bows and necklace. =]

How fun to make maple syrup! I would love to have a sugar house! I don't know what for though but it just sounds so neat and fun, haha!