Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A needle pulling thread

It was a good Christmas at our place. The unofficial theme this year was simplify and it really was a success. I didn't go overboard with the decorating, but everything looked very nice. I cut way back on the cookie baking, and I don't think anyone missed the quantity since I still made the favorites. I cut back on the number of gifts I gave and instead focused on quality. The kids and grandkids have spent a lot of time here and will continue to do so until January 4 when I go back to work. Larry and I were talking this morning and decided that we are lucky that they want to be here so often. We don't mind!

I've been working on my red/white scrap quilt using this Atkinson pattern. I need 96 blocks, and I'm almost halfway there. Usually I lose interest in a pattern before I finish the quilt top, but I'm having fun with this one. My white/cream basket of scraps is now in order, and I'm working on downsizing the red basket. I cut blocks as I go along, and I'm enjoying seeing how the fabrics pair up. This is going to be a beautiful quilt when I'm done.

My cousin Audrey and I worked on the Gail Pan free block of the month this year. While we were at our quilt retreat in November, we sewed the blocks together. Because we were sharing our table with someone who owns a quilting machine, we gave her the tops so that she could quilt them. We didn't get the finished wallhangings back in time for Christmas, so there is a project that will wait until next year's holiday decorating.

I also finished my Bunny Hill free block of the month. I wasn't too happy with my redwork blocks until I bought the red/white fabrics to set them with. Then I really got excited to finish the top. This quilt will be tucked away and saved in case there is a new grandbaby someday.

Audrey and I are working on this block of the month for 2010. To see this pattern better click here.

Jenny and Randy gave me this book for my birthday in November. I had planned to work on the blocks from my stash, but then I saw this block of the month offered at Primitive Gatherings; so I signed up. I have an idea it'll be a great quilt using their fabrics.

The quilt group I belong to is planning a group project exchanging 2 1/2" strips. There are some beautiful quilts that come from this group, so I know this will be a fun project as well.

So there are lots of sewing plans for the new year! And, of course, there will be those oddball projects that I see on blogs or in magazines that I'll think I just have try that pattern. I heard a cute saying once, and I think it describes me pretty well - I'm so far behind that I've almost caught up to myself. At least I'm having fun doing it! Blessings to you all for this new year.


The imPerfect Housewife said...

You are SO talented!! Quilting is my "some day" thing to do and since I already like to sew and stitch, I don't think it'll be too far off. I love the idea of simplifying the holidays ~ they're just as joyful. ♥

At Home With Amy said...

Nothing says warmth and love like a hand made quilt. You are so talented Mary. I'm so glad you had a nice Christmas with your family. May you all be richely blessed in the new year!
Warm Friendly Hugs,

Barb said...

You have a wonderful blog Mary, and your post today is soooo you!! Yes this is the year that many of us have gone with the *simplify* theme, and it feels so good!! I am needing a reminder from God when I get out of hand with ideas...and God did come thru for me! God is Good and arn't we glad for it? Thank you for our new friendship, and may you and your family have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Thelma said...

Wow, pictures! Did you get a camera for Christmas?

Good luck with the projects you have selected for 2010, you will have some lovely quilts this time next year!

Audrey said...

I have a way we can get it all done in 2010! Let's retire!! That way we will have time to do everything on our list and even more. What do you think? LOL :)

Cora said...

Did you get your camera fixed???? I hope so!
Love the patterns and the squares...they are beautiful!

Happy New Year!

Sara said...

You have some lovely finishes - and some great plans for the new year. I want to play with some embroidery!!!!

Anonymous said...

That all sounds so ambitious. I wish you well in this new year and hope you are able to accomplish all you put your hand to.
Happy New Year.

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

So glad you had a good Christmas! Family-- that's what it's all about! I love reading about your quilting projects even though I don't quilt. I went to the Primitive Gatherings website and got carried away!! I like how they have so much more than quilting. I signed up for the email newsletter. Thanks for sharing!