Saturday, September 19, 2009

Once Upon a Child

Have you heard of the store Once Upon a Child? They buy and sell gently used children's clothing. Julie sorted a pile of Natalie's outgrown clothes, and Mandi and I took them to the store for sale. Although they didn't buy everything, we still sold most and ended up with nice wad of cash for Julie. While we were there, I found this darling sweater on the clearance rack:

My price? $.79 - can you believe it! Mint condition. But when you think of it, a tiny baby will only outgrow a sweater. I think the new grandson will be even sweeter in this sweater.

Last night Natalie stayed over as both Julie and Travis work long hours today. The plan is to take Natie home after supper, get her ready for bed, and then have supper ready for the kids when they get home from work. So not much sewing will be done today unless she takes a nap; but is what I'm working on for her right now:

It's been a while since I've done garment sewing, but the pattern is easy. I wanted to get a little funky and do some applique on the jacket and include a row of ball fringe. I saw the same thing done in a childrens' catalog, but Julie put the brakes on that idea; so this jacket will be pink with cute buttons. The coat will be plain, too. Natie has a birthday on Friday, so I hope to have both done in time.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. It's cool here, but fall is definitely in the air!


Barb said...

Have fun with Natalie, cute sweater for the grandson on the way! I love the pattern for the jacket...I think you could sneak in a cute applique with those buttons :>)!! Have a wonderful weekend...I am sure you enjoyed having Mandy for her visit this week! Email coming out to you soon, sorry I have been so slow!

Elizabethd said...

What an excellent idea, to recycle nice clothing. And you found a really nice sweater.

At Home With Amy said...

We have a couple of second hand stores where we live and I have always taken my kids clothes to them in hopes that they would buy them. It is a wonderful idea I think. Very ambitious of you to be making a coat so quickly. Will you show us pictures when you get it done? Sure wish I could sew.
Have a wonderful day Mary.