Saturday, March 7, 2009

Years ago when the girls were small, I spent a day at a craft show selling some of my handmade stuff. Mom watched the girls at the house. When I got home, she had the house picked up, the refrigerator cleaned out, the girls fed, and dinner in the crockpot.

So with that in mind and inspired by this Martha Stewart article on freezer meals, I was at Julie and Travis' home today cooking and watching Natalie while they worked. Now they have three containers of vegetable chowder, one of meatball stew, and four dozen meatballs ready for when they are. There are also two pans of macaroni and cheese in my freezer that will be dropped off sometimes this week.


Mandi @ Sweetly Home said... when are you coming to my house?

Wendy said...

Wow...dinners are ready.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I couldn't reply to your mail because you are "no reply comment". The watermelon quilt is from 2 different patterns by Cherie Payne.