Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas countdown

My daughter Mandy and her husband Shane live in Ontario. She has posted pictures of her Christmas decorations in their home, and I think she's done a beautiful job! Mandy and Shane live about 8 or 9 hours from our place (depending one how long it takes to cross the border and how many stops at Tim Horton's). They will be spending Christmas in Ontario this year, but we are hoping they will be here for New Year's Eve.

Audrey, Melissa, and I stitched yesterday afternoon. If only we could stitch as fast as we talk! Audrey made me a beautiful small quilt which I promptly put underneath my Christmas centerpiece on the kitchen table. We let someone borrow our camera, and I will post a picture as soon as it is returned. She made spiced apple juice for us to sip on and had chocolates on the table for snacking. I'm glad we are not sticking to the "no snacks" rule!

We are now in the countdown mode for Christmas - 10 days to go! I have just a few gifts left to wrap and some stocking stuffers to pick up. This is the first year I think I have ever been on top of my game plan for the big day, and it feels good!


Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

You make me laugh - sticking to your no snacking rule. :o) I'm glad you are able to post some more. I hope someone took pictures of Natalie's program!

Julie said...

Did you miss me Mary? I PROMISE (well I will try) to be there next month. Thanks for the Christmas card!

Unknown said...

I will have you all know that chocolate is not a snack. It is a stitching energy replacement supplement. And we must have beverages to keep hydrated.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Mandy: We couldn't take pictures of Natalie because we sat in the back of the church, and she's short. We think she stole the show because she's so cute!

Julie: Yes, I do miss you; and you are missing all the fun! Hope to see you in January for sure.

Audrey: I love the energy replacement supplement idea! I think this should be part of the food pyramid, agree?!