Sunday, December 14, 2008

Technical difficulty

I waited until we had high-speed internet before I started blogging. Less than a week later, we are having computer problems and cable TV problems. Tony, the computer whiz at work, fixed the problem with computer; but somehow all my favorites have been erased! The digital cable for the TV is also wrong; and, of course, we are the only subscribers experiencing this problem! And our high-speed internet is now running like our old DSL. Fortunately, a tech will becoming to fix everything (hopefully) but not for another week.

But on the bright side, we are going to church with Julie and Travis this morning. Natalie's first Christmas program is today, and we wouldn't miss it. Her class will be singing Happy Birthday Jesus - a class of 2 year olds! And today is stitch day with Audrey, Melissa, and Julie - can't wait!

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