Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank you

I appreciate so much your kind emails and comments about Larry. It was scarey for us, and it still is. Just a pothole in our life, but we're pressing on.

Last weekend Larry was in Dover for the NASCAR race with his brothers. This is becoming an annual event for them, and I have a ball sewing all I can. I made this tablerunner from a pattern in the current issue of Quilts and More.

Then with a couple pieces of pink and white flannel, I made this receiving blanket for Jenny and Randy's baby. I've had my Bernina for ten years, but I never really tried the handful of decorative stitches on it. So I loaded up some pink thread and gave the edges of the blanket some fancy work.

And, finally, it took just a few minutes to put in the last stitches for this piece. Not sure if I'll have it framed right away, but someone may find this under their tree at Christmastime.

So for a while our evenings will be spent resting and relaxing together which means I'll be doing handwork a bit more than usual. Next week Larry can start moderate exercise; and if the weather is good, we'll begin to walk. Again, thank you for thinking of us during this difficult time.


Elizabethd said...

Mary, I'm sorry, I hadnt seen your previous post. It must have been very frightening indeed. I will be keeping you in prayer.

Karen said...

Love the watermelon. So summery looking. The quilt looks larger than a runner size in the picture.

Audrey said...

Wow - I will love that cross stitched piece under my tree!! Give Larry hugs from us!

Anneke said...

I'm sorry I missed your last entry. What a bad experience for your DH. I hope he'll recover fully.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear he's home and resting. Heart disease has taken many in my family; he is truly lucky to have been given a warning. Take good care of him and yourself.

Hugs ~Andrea~

Pokey said...

Mary I'm so glad to hear Larry's doing okay, I'm so behind on my friends online, sorry! I'll keep you in prayer.

Your work is so pretty, that one slice of melon runner made me smile! Are you keeping it for summer?

Hold your honey's hand, what a blessing they are to us!
Hugs, pokey

Sue said...

I'm glad things are going a little better for Larry. Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

You have been busy with so many lovely things! I wish I could be sewing right now:/

Donna said...

Mary, I am so glad your husband is okay! You have been very busy! I love the table runner, baby blanket and stitchery :)
Enjoy your week!

Linda said...

I'm so glad to hear that Larry is doing will take time.

Your projects look great...the table runner is a perfect summer runner!

Barb said...

Mary and Larry, our prayers continue for you both, please continue to relax, rest and trust God, you are in his loving care! Mary the stitcheries are wonderful, I especially love the sweet flannel blankets for Jenny and the new baby girl soon to join your family! Blessings and ((hugs)) sent your way from my part of PA!

Linda said...

So glad Larry is feeling better. Big hugs to you!

Love the watermelon runner!! It's so gorgeous and perfect for summer.

Siobhán said...

Mary, I am so sorry, I am (as always) behind on my blog reading and I just saw your post about your husband. Larry and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

I love that watermelon! Very pretty. Congrats on the BBD finish. That's one of my definite must stitchs--I just love it.

antique quilter said...

that watermelon table runner is just wonderful!
very festive for this time of the year.
Glad to hear Larry is home and getting better.
take care of yourself too.

Melanie said...

I love the watermelon piece. It just says it's summertime. I purchased fabric for a baby quilt this morning. I may have to give receiving blankets a try. Great idea.

The Old Parsonage said...

Hey Mary

So glad to hear that things are getting somewhat back to normal. Gentle prayers and hugs that Larry has a quick recovery.


Mrs. Doug said...

So sorry to hear about Larry. I pray he will recover well from this. How scary it is when a loved one goes through these hard physical battles, but how wonderful to know the Creator has us in the palm of His hand.

Beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing.

I have the plans for a Bargello flag quilt I want to try soon.

God bless!

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

I love the watermelon tablerunner! When I first started following your blog way over a year ago, I remember one of the first posts I saw was a watermelon piece. I guess you're like me and like watermelons, lol. I used to have a watermelon kitchen but not anymore although I do still have a few pieces.

That stitch design is perfect for the little pink blanket, adorable!

Love that last piece too but I delight in all patriotic pieces.

Sweet Sue said...

Poppin in to say hi Mary! Luv your melon table runner:)