Sunday, May 9, 2010

A different kind of Mother's Day

Tonight the evening news will show films of happy Mother's Day celebrations. There will be shots of families gathered together to honor Mom and shower her with love and gifts. They won't be at the hospitals and nursing homes where some of us are sitting besides our mother's wheelchairs wondering where God is in all the suffering we see our mothers go through.

Mother's Day has been a very difficult time for me for the past 16 years. My mother's journey with Alzheimer's has been difficult for me to watch. Knowing that she said once she would rather have cancer than this disease makes it harder to see than you can even imagine.

My faith has been tested to the limit, and I find I am struggling. I do not attend church on Mother's Day as I spend most of the service crying and wondering why; I prefer to do this privately.

I still enjoy spending time with my mom. Sometimes she smiles at me. Even though years ago she forgot my name and the fact I am her daughter, I still sit with her and talk with her. The things I learned from her when she was well, I am passing onto my children. It will be her legacy that will live on as they share those things with their children. She is in our hearts forever.

No comments, please. I hope your day is a day of joy and fun.