Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home baked bread

It's a rainy Sunday in Northwest Pennsylvania. When the girls were home, I used to love to bake on snowy or rainy days; it just seemed to add to the coziness of being in the house. Because I don't do much work on Sundays, this no-knead bread recipe just fit the bill for something from the oven with little work. I wish I could remember where I got this recipe. I'm thinking it came from Better Homes & Gardens magazine in 1977 because that's the year we got married, and I was forever copying recipes at that time.

6 1/2 cups sifted flour
2 tablespoons softened butter
2 tablespoons sugar
2 cups very warm water
2 teaspoons salt
3 eggs
2 packages of yeast

Mix together 1 1/2 cups flour, sugar, salt, and yeast in large bowl. Add butter. Gradually add water to dry ingredients; beat two minutes at medium speed of electric mixer. Add eggs and 1/2 cup flour; beat two minutes at high speed. Stir in enough remaining flour to make a soft dough. Cover bowl and let dough rise until doubled - about 35 minutes. Stir down. Turn int two well-greased 1 1/2-quart casseroles. Cover and let rise until doubled - about 40 minutes. Bake in 375° oven for 35 minutes or until done.


Barb said...

There was a time :>) would be when my children were little, the snow/rain would be falling and the *homemade sticky buns* would happen! Thank you for the memory, I can smell your bread or maybe it is my sticky buns ;>)! Tonight will bring on the homemade ice cream for a church family night. We are having rain in Central PA too!

The Browns said...

I used to love those days you would bake bread! It always tasted so good, and even now when it gets rainy out or snowy I always want to make bread.

Maybe sometime you could post your recipe for oatmeal bread? I'm in need of that one and know others would love it too.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I agree with Jenn...I loved when you made bread! I can still see it rising now on the radiator when we lived in the white house. I want to try this recipe!

I just love the photos you post on your blog. They are always so perfect.