Saturday, February 18, 2012

I was talking with a friend about finishing up old quilt projects, and I remembered I had this one in the bottom of my project basket. This is Autumn Stars by Thimbleberries; the fabric is mostly Meadow Waltz by Kansas Troubles. I had to pick up yardage for the lattice strips, and then the top went together quickly. Why I didn't do this years ago, I have no idea.

Autumn in Northwest Pennsylvania is beautiful; I love the colors and the smells. Where I live, there are lots of rolling hills covered with trees. In the fall, the color of the leaves on the trees can be breathtaking. Usually the second week in October is when the color is the best.

What's better than a crisp autumn night when the sky is full of millions of stars. The eight-point star (one of my favorite patterns) makes me think of that. The Maple Leaf block makes me think of raking leaves and the smell of the air. A perfect block for someone who loves the outdoors.

Hunters in our area are heading to the woods that time of year. I can only imagine how heavenly it is to sit under a tree or in a tree stand enjoying the peace and quiet. I can't picture myself in a camo shirt sitting in a tree stand, but I know I'd have my Nook instead of a gun.

Anway, this will be one of my favorite quilts. The colors are deep, rich, and elegant. Most people are thinking spring right now; I've got fall on my mind.


Lorri said...

Once again, your work is just beautiful! Love the fall colors in this one.

modernamishplain said...

oooh I really love this one. great job!

Audrey said...

Nice quilt! I don't think I have ever seen this one! What a great job and congratulations on another finish.

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Oh Mary, this fall quilt is gorgeous!! Yes, why didn't you finish this years ago?! I'm with you, I can always have fall on my mind. Just a few weeks back, I was thinking what a beautiful evening it was outside and I could have sworn it smelled like fall, lol. Your post makes me long for fall again, hehe.

Enjoy this quilt for years to come~

Donna said...

Gorgeous quilt! I love Fall and I would have a book instead of a gun too!

Kathy Ellen said...

'Autumn Stars' is beautiful, Mary. Like you, autumn is one of my very favorite seasons, with all of its' gorgeous foliage, and fragrant scents in the air. Every year, my husband and I travel to PA to visit our son and his family, and we love seeing all of the beautiful autumn scenery during our drive there.

Blessings for you!