Sunday, January 22, 2012

Years ago I taught quilting at a local shop. One of the women in a class had studied fashion in New York City when she was younger. She had spent a lot of money there and through the years buying fabrics and buttons. She jokingly told me that when she passed away, her friend Claudia was to go clean out her sewing room so her husband wouldn't know how much stuff she had amasssed. I asked her what difference it would make since she would be dead anyway. She laughed and told me she was afraid he wouldn't bury her if he knew how much money she had spent!

So the ongoing joke with some of my cousins/quilt/stitch buddies has been to skip each other's funeral and get the truck backed up to the house. Audrey, Cathy, JulieF, and Melissa, I couldn't resist posting this picture I saw on Pinterest without thinking of each of you. Thanks for all the laughs!


Karen Sue said...

Some people give me ribbing for having a wild selection in my crafting room, but lots like to come hang out in here, so I'm mostly OK with it.
I figure I've been sewing since 4H in elementary, and I like scrappy stuff and you have to have scraps to do it, right??
OK, so a couple of hours of tidy in here would help, but think of the crafty stuff I could DO in those hours!?!?!?

Audrey said...

Ha, ha!!! Hopefully I will have used up some of this stuff so you don't need to rent a really large U-Haul. There is probably enough for all of you to share!

Sue said...

Hahahaha. That's a cute story. My husband loves helping me add to my stash, but when I go you're welcome to back your truck up here. There's a lot of might need two trucks! I'm going through some of it now. I have to make room for some new stuff :D