Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I've fallen off the resolution wagon, and I'm dragging Audrey with me. Actually, I think two weeks is a pretty good run for us.

Anyone who reads quilt blogs probably reads Nicole at Sister's Choice. Here is her version of Full House done with Blackbird's Blueberry Crumb Cake. Now do you see why we are so weak? I have a couple of charm packs of this line that I bought in December, and they are calling me.

When I called the Fat Quarter Shop to order this pattern, the salesgirl I spoke with said the Schnibbles patterns are very popular now. I told her it's because we're all reading those dang blogs.

So here's the new game plan. We are making this purchase with a specific plan. Plus we have a deadline of February 28 to use the pattern with fabric we already have. Like Audrey says, it is as justified as backing or batting. At least that's the story at this point, and we're sticking to it.


Donna said...

I love your thoughts on this!! I purchased the Schnibbles pattern last Fall and of course have yet to use it!

Sue said...

I fell off the wagon when the Fat Quarter Shop notified me that the Collection for a Cause fabric line, 'Friendship' fat quarter bundles were in. Sigh. And those are just because they are so absolutely gorgeous. But just in time! My daughter is helping me arrange all my fabrics according to color!

Thelma said...

I don't consider making Full House falling off the wagon, I consider it a sewing necessity. The pattern is adorable, fun and easy, what more could you ask for!

Lorri said...

Love it! I knew you would find a way out of such a rash comittment. A girl just cant pass up such a great pattern!

Audrey said...

If I recall, I was the one who dragged you off the wagon. I love Thelma's comment - a sewing necessity. This will be a fun project!