Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Library summer reading program

The library in the town I work offered a summer reading program for adults. I usually don't need to be encouraged to read, but I signed up anyway. The challenge of this program was to read books that are not usually something I would pick up. Here's what I have read so far.

1. The Wilder Life by W. McClure - This is a book about the author's obsession with Laura Ingalls Wilder. She traveled to all the places Laura lived and reported on what she found. Who doesn't love Laura? The author has a sense of humor, and a fun way of describing this. I really enjoyed this book.

2. Jane Eyre by C. Bronte - I may have been one of the few adults on the planet who have not read Jane Eyre. Once is enough for me with this book. I found I skimmed through much of it because of the style of writing and those endlessly long sentences. I don't know what all the fuss is about with this book, but it was a good read; and now I can say I've read Jane Eyre.

3. The Secret Between Us by B. Delinsky - I probably would have read Barbara Delinksy's books even without the summer challenge. This book was really good, and it kept me wondering how it would end. It's about a mother and daughter and a lie about a car accident in which someone was killed.

4. An Accidental Woman by B. Delinksy - I thought after reading Book #3 that this book would be equally as good. Wrong. It is a good read, but not as attention grabbing as #3.

5. Does the Noise in My Head bother You by S. Tyler - Two words for this book, and they are HOLY SMOKES! I really enjoyed Steven Tyler as an American Idoll judge with his hilarious one-liners. I never thought the library would spend money on his book, but there it was; and I couldn't resist. I learned more about his sex life than I really cared to; some things should be left unsaid. I quit reading this book before I could get halfway through; the pictures were interesting though.

6. Pray for Silence by L. Castillo - I usually don't care for mystery books or murder stories; this book is one reason why. The graphic writing in this book concerning the rape and murders of an Amish girl and her family was more than I wanted to see. However, it was an interesting read concerning how a crime could be solved. I've got another one of Linda Castillo's books in my car, and it's about another murder in Amish country. I'm not sure if I'll read it or put it in the book drop at the library.

Looking back, I felt I did meet the challenge of reading something out of my norm. I'm always looking for a good book, but I think I'll go back to my easy-to-read and kind of mindless-escape reading that I usually look for.


nono said...

The 1st book sound really interesting..I'll have to read it.

modernamishplain said...

Oh my...what an array of books. I love to read, but don't like how unproductive I become when into a good book. This is quite an accomplishment to read so much. Thanks for the book reviews. A few sound interesting.

Linda said...

I need to read the Laura Ingalls book...I loved her books when I was young...I will put that on my library list! I loved Jane Eyre...I actually love all of Jane Austin's books...I'm weird like that!

The imPerfect Housewife said...

Mary - HI!! How are you!? I've been pretty scarce around the blogging world but am starting to get back in a little bit. That was fun seeing your book list and now I've added some of those to my "To Read" list, especially The Wilder Life - that sounds cute. I quit reading one of Linda Castillo's books "Sworn to Silence" because it was too graphic for me, too. Hey, you read a great variety this summer and that's always fun - sometimes you get good ones and sometimes they're stinkers, but that's OK. Hope you're doing well!

Linda said...

You've read some good books! Not always easy reading, though.

Donna said...

I usually read christian fiction books. Amber has a library of them that I hope to eventually read all of one day.
I should vary my reading choices!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed The Wilder Life too.

And Mary, those quilts are beautiful!

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Interesting collection you picked out, haha!

I really need to read The Wilder Life. I grew up about 45 minutes from the Mansfield, MO home. As a matter of fact, my friend and I are going to Wilder Days this year in September with our kids... can't wait!! I read Jane Eyre in high school english... can not remember what it was about so it obviously wasn't good enough to leave an impression on me, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Mary, I appreciate the book list. I haven't done much reading for pleasure this summer since college classes have consumed so much time, but I will definitely put Tyler's book on my "to read" list on Goodreads! Probably not. I'm impressed that you participated in the summer reading club at your local library. I'm on the board of my local library, but I think they might disown me if I don't show up there more than once a month! Anyway, summer reading club at the library is great!

Siobhán said...

I enjoyed reading about your books. I have the last book you mentioned--forget the author, I want to say Burkholder?--on my to be read list. I might take it off after what you said. I do enjoy mysteries but never when there are bad things happening to children or dogs. I do want to read the Wilder book--it sounds good!