Saturday, January 23, 2010


My heart almost stopped beating last night when Julie mentioned that Travis would probably watch Natie and Max for the day. I had really been looking forward to our play date! But my TT quilt group was so much fun on Thursday, and the show and tell was so good, that I mentioned to Sarah I was tempted to take Friday off from work and just sew.

So while I wait for Travis to call me (because I know he has things to do), I've been reading the blogs and found today is a sewing day for Valentine's Day. You can read about it here. We've invited the girls and their families (Canadians, you're invited as well although I know you won't be able to come) for a Valentine's Day dinner; and I wanted to have some special treats for the girls. So while there is a chicken on the stove cooking for a soup supper, I am heading to the sewing room for some fun. Hope you have a great Saturday as well.


Karen said...

Have a fun sewing day!
I really like the quilts in your header photo!

Sue said...

Sounds like you will have a wonderful weekend. I would love to sew today, but have company for the whole day so that is a good thing too.

Enjoy your weekend.

The imPerfect Housewife said...

I was driving down the street yesterday and thinking that I keep putting off starting a project until I finish other things, but I really want to start either sewing or cross-stitching again. Reading this just makes me want to even more. I've got some great nieces/nephews coming and a wedding coming up - plenty of things to work on I'd say!! I'm glad you had fun with your quilting group - it sure sounds like it! ♥