Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today I turn 54

I don't mind getting older; I really don't. Hey, it's inevitable. Some people think that getting older beats the alternative (death). But as a born-again Christian, I think otherwise. So until I pass into Eternity, I am trying to enjoy life the best I can.

Some things I have realized as I get older often amaze me. My boss is younger than I am. My doctor is younger than I, too. My dentist used to be younger until he sold his practice. I hope the new dentist is older than I am; he certainly looks like he would be. Sometimes I have been told that I look younger than I am; I hope it's being said because it's true and not because someone is trying to be kind.

My stylist tells me that if she didn't color my hair, I would be totally gray.

I had freckles when I was a child; they are now called age spots. Sometimes I hear ads about removing the spots, and I wonder what it would cost; but I decided I am what I am. Besides, I've got a thing for polka dots - I just never thought I would be sporting them.

I am blessed with good health. I am trying hard to take care of my body by exercising. I picked up my habit for sweets from my dad although he taught me many other things that were good for me.

When I graduated from business school, my first job was as a secretary at the high school I graduated from. The other woman in the office was Mrs. Wheeler; she was a wonderful Christian woman, and I learned a lot from her. She always looked old to me even when I was a student. She made the comment one day that she was 56 years old. I thought I would want to remember that so that when I was 56 I could compare my looks to hers. I stayed in touch with her off and on through the years (in fact, Jenny and Randy are living in the apartment she and her husband started their marriage in). She always looked the same to me. I think I've changed a lot since she made that comment. I will be interested in seeing myself in another couple years.

This morning the blood mobile will be at my work, and I have signed up to donate. At noon, I will have lunch with some friends. This evening, my family will get together (less two Canadians) and have supper. I'm looking forward to all these things. The company I work for gives us a paid day off the week of our birthday, so Friday will be my day off. I will spend the day shopping for clothes for my mom and trying to finish off my Christmas shopping. I always look forward to this week, and I am planning to have a good one. Hope your day is terrific as well.


Thelma said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you've planned the nicest activities to make it a good one.

You are much more mature than I, I plan to never be older than 50. I turned 50 for the 3rd time this last July.

On another note....finish up your Christmas shopping...are you kidding me!!! I'm impressed.

Katy said...

YAY!!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! I hope you have an absolutely WONDERFUL day!!!! :)

Farming On Faith said...

Happy Birthday Dear Friend~
What a wonderful post. I so agree with you! It is wonderful to be a Christian and see all of this life as just getting ready for Eternity!
Birthday Blessings~

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a day full of love and sunshine in your heart!


Deb said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Funny how as we get older, our doctors, etc., are younger. It takes getting used to! But I live by the rule, I'm only as old as I feel and I never feel my age!!

Sue said...

Happy wonderful birthday to a sweet, sweet friend. I am so thankful to have 'met' you here in bloggerland and I pray that your day is truly blessed!
I loved reading your post today :D

In Christ Jesus,

At Home With Amy said...

Happy Birthday Mary. Wishing you a beautiful day full of happiness and surprises.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Mary!! What a wonderful post. I enjoyed every bit of it, as always. I'm less than a year from turning 50 and I've noticed so many of those things you speak of.. it seems everyone around me is younger. In some cases, LOTS younger. Well, I for one think that just makes us more special ;-) Again, happy birthday and enjoy your day (especially your day off Friday). -Tammy

Cora said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have many many more. Most of my bosses were younger than me too, but I got to retire before them! I turned 50 this year and love it when someone says in shock..."You're don't look it?!" I love polka dots too!

FHCS said...

Have a wonderful birthday and many, many more!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Miss Mary! I'm praying that your day is filled with unexpected blessings and hugs from God. :) You are right that there is a much different outlook on aging as a Christian that gives us an outlook of peace rather that fear of the future.

Be blessed today!!

Your sister in Christ,

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

I love you so much! And I just loved reading your post too. I hope today is such a wonderful day for you. The Canadians will be calling later this evening. Enjoy your day!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your evening is wonderful...Enjoy the family!

Amber said...


Audrey said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Mary!!!

Jane said...

Mary, happy birthday!! I'm 60 so you are still just a babe! Hope it was a good one. Hugs, Jane

Pokey said...

Happy Birthday today! You have a great attitude, and God will bless you for that. It sounds like you have a good day scheduled, and we will be thinking happy thoughts for you!

Janean said...

Hap' birt'day, Mary! I really enjoyed your Mrs. Wheeler story!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Birthdays are such a blessing, aren't they! I hope yours is spectacular!!

Thank you for such sweet words for the birth of Miss D's filly.
We have two birth days to celebrate!
Blessings, Misha

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I love people that look at their aging as just a part of life. Thank you Lord that we have so much more to look forward to! I just turned 40 a few months ago and I will say it makes you look at life a little differenly when you hit a milestone like that. But all in all, I'm thankful that God is the center of my life. I can't imagine trying to get through without him. These are the years to enjoy and I'm glad you are doing just that!

Happy Birthday Mary, my new blog sister friend! =]

Enjoy your birthday week!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday!
I treasure each and every birthday I have! I don't care if I am getting older. They say it only gets better with age.