Sunday, November 8, 2009

A busy Saturday

Yesterday I had a job list as long as my arm. Why is it that the older I get, the busier I am; I thought things were supposed to slow down! Maybe I'm not old enough yet.

Anyway, because my to-do list was overwhelming, I did the sane (or maybe insane) thing. I did something that wasn't even on the list; I made pomegranate jelly. I wish I could show you the beautiful jars of red jelly, but I broke the camera last week; and I don't see it getting replaced anytime soon. I got my inspiration here at Blackbird Designs. Everything Alma and Barb do is beautiful, and Alma writes such a wonderful blog. And because I am never comfortable cooking without a good recipe, I also compared hers with this recipe because I needed more detail.

Leann at The Old Parsonage had a pay it forward a few weeks ago, and I was one of the lucky recipients! The box arrived this week (on my birthday no less). Like I told Leann, if I didn't know better, I would have thought she'd have peeked in my windows. Everything in the box looks like something I would have bought. Until my camera issue is resolved, I cannot show you my gift; but I want to remind you to sign up for her new giveaway. And please take a few minutes to read through her blog. She will wow you with her creativity. Just looking at all the things she's done makes me want to add to my to-do list.......


Flat Creek Farm said...

Pomegranate jelly sounds delicious and pretty. I will have to investigate that. Yes, indeedy, I need just one more thing for that to-do list also.. lol! Congrats on your winnings too! -Tammy

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

You and your job lists. I always hated when you left one of those for us. Dying to try the jelly though! I bought some pomogranite hand soap at Bath and Body works. Hope you get your jobs done!

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

How nice to get the package on your birthday! Makes it even sweeter, doesn't it?! You sound so much like me. My to-do list is long also. Pomegranate jelly sounds wonderful! Sometimes we just have to throw something in there to make life more enjoyable and not all about the "lists". =] Have a grand week~

The imPerfect Housewife said...

I was JUST thinking the same thing as you - why am I just as busy or busier now than when my kids were little??? Maybe because I was forced to actually stay home more and they went to bed BEFORE I did! Now it's the opposite and I just need a breather...whew. I had to laugh though - that's such a womanly thing to do ~ have plans to do one thing and make a 180 and do something out of the blue. Good for you!! ♥

Cora said...

I always distract from my list...sometimes its a good thing...sometimes not! Oh well!
I'll be glad when you get your camera fixed! Soon I hope and I know you do too! I wanted to see the jelly! :)

At Home With Amy said...

My to do list seems to have no end. Just when I think I get close to the end, there is always something written on the back.
Thanks for the praise report on Max. I bet that just thrilled your hearts. Thanks Mary for keeping me posted on him.
Enjoy your goodies.