Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday

My grandson will be born today. Julie and Travis should be at the hospital by now. Her doctor told her at Wednesday's appointment that she won't be eating breakfast today but that she will probably eat lunch.

This week was spent doing the last-minute things that needed to be done to get ready for the new baby. And special time was spent with Natalie knowing that her little world will change.

Last night Jennifer cooked a special dinner for all of us. Before Julie left to go home, we all held hands and prayed for her and Travis, for the labor and delivery, and for this new life. There was quite a bit of sniffling going on; I think we all felt the presence of the Lord.

So now we wait for the phone call. Natie has a new T-shirt to wear that says "Big Sisters are the Coolest." I have a ball of yarn and my needles ready to go. I'll need to do something with my hands when he gets passed to the next person who will want to hold him.

His name? I still don't know. Yesterday at work the name Max Elmo kept rattling through my head. Last night Julie was teasing us with the name Maximum Hunter. Heaven help us.

What a special time. When I think of the things my family has been through this year, the sadness, the anxieties, the stressful situations, they all seem so trivial now. I remember the fun times and the times when we laughed so hard tears ran down our cheeks. Even those times seem small in light of what we are facing today. I have been so blessed.


Melanie said...

It's going to be a WONDERFUL day....You all will be in my prayers....

At Home With Amy said...

How funny Mary. I just emailed you asking if you had a baby to brag about yet. So glad I stopped by this morning to hear he's on his way. I'm praying now for a stress free delivery and that everything goes perfectly for both mom and baby.
Warm Fuzzy Hugs,

Kate said...

What a blessed day it will be today!! I'm believing with you for a healthy delivery and happy healthy baby. What a joyful day!

Thank you for the prayers for my son. He is home now and has been making his appointments. He's also trying to find some temporary health insurance to hold him over until his company's insurance kicks in which not be until March!

Let me know how the birth goes and how Julie and baby are doing. Oh and I'm so curious what the name will end up being.... :)

Elizabethd said...

What a very special day...keeping you all in my prayers.

Barb said...

Prayers from this part of PA for your family! I will be anxious to hear about this new little one, a blessing to your family for sure! Prayers and good thoughts coming your way!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful day you all have ahead of you ~ Your post was so beautiful to read Mary. All the very best today and best wishes to the new Mom, baby and big sister!