Thursday, September 3, 2009


At last - it's September and time to think about the fall season. We probably had three or four days of summer; it seemed like spring never ended what with all the unseasonable temperatures and RAIN.

The past few weeks I've wanted to get out my fall decorations, but I just couldn't bring myself to that point. I finally put some silk sunflowers in an ironstone pitcher and got out my sunflower quilt for the dining room table and the red and white schoolhouse quilt for my bed. The wreaths and garlands can wait a couple more weeks.

Natalie will start preschool this afternoon. She will go two days a week for two hours each session. It's just enough to give her a taste of something new. Her preschool is held in her church, so I imagine she will think she's going to Sunday School quite often but with a different teacher. I talked with her on the phone last night, and she sounded excited although I'm sure she hadn't a clue what preschool is yet.

This weekend Jenny, Julie, and I will be freezing corn that Travis has planted. Jenny just celebrated a birthday and asked me to freeze a splint of peaches for one of her presents, so that's also on the to-do list. Then Saturday night we're having a picnic to celebrate Jenny's birthday.

In a few weeks the grapes will be harvested. I grew up in town where grape farming is huge, and it's always fun to take a drive back up there during the harvest. The town smells like Concord grapes, and it's terrific. I am definitely a fall person; it just doesn't seem to last long enough.


Melanie said...

My husband always laughs at me--- says if we had to depend on my garden for food survival we'd starve to death!!! I plant tons of ghourds, flowers and herbs. So--- If you have a big grape harvest-- do you play with the vines. I put dried grape vines on my christmas tree every year as garland. I made grape vine wreaths for the buggy too. Just wondering.....

At Home With Amy said...

I too love fall Mary but I am also wondering where summer went or did I miss it. I'm hoping to get some decorating done next week but so far it doesn't look like I'll have time. I can almost smell those grapes your are talking about. I remember years ago our neighbor having a grape arbor in her yard and when the grapes were ripe, the air was filled with their sweet scent.
Enjoy the rest of your week,

Sue said...

I understand how you feel about the short days of summer. I think ours just got here this past week as it has been just beautiful.
I get a little anxious about putting out the fall decorations right about now too, but I still want to hold onto that summer thing.

Thelma said...

Fall is also my favorite time of year and the best time to live in the midwest.

I always swap out my summer decorations with the fall ones Labor day weekend.

Barb said...

Ahhhhh Fall...I love it! Of course I do love *snow* too, I truly am a cooler/cold weather person! Our leaves are starting to show fall colors and also dropping to the ground. Slowly I have been pulling my fall decos out...during the weekend my fall flag will go outside too! Have a wonderful three day weekend!

Flat Creek Farm said...

sounds like we had the same kind of season - and lots of rain! I just canned 16 pints of grape jelly. Last year we let them go to waste. Oh, the guilt ;-) But this year, it will be nice to enjoy that wonderful concord grape jelly. I love the smells of the grapes while I'm working with them. Enjoy your harvests and season! -Tammy