Sunday, August 9, 2009

A great weekend!

I enjoy my time with Audrey and Cathy so much, and to be able to have them spend the weekend with me was priceless. We talked, shoppped twice, ate when we felt like it, shed a few tears, and sewed up a storm. In fact, looking back I'm surprised we accomplished as much as we did in just the short time we had together.

Audrey was the first to finish a project. She picked up two Cath Kidston tea towels and turned them into tote bags for shopping. Aren't they beautiful?! We laughed about trying to be green and use tote bags for shopping; but more often than not, the bags stay in the car. Maybe having a great bag will help us remember; I'll have to try to make something pretty, too.

Cathy always brings a pile of projects to a retreat to work on, and this weekend was no exception. A lot of what the three of us accomplished was simply finishing up our UFO's, and Cathy made a good dent in her stack. I think she called this a four patch posy which is a variation of stack and whack. Here's a closeup of one of the blocks. It is a gorgeous quilt.

Then Audrey wowed us with a mini show and tell of quilts she had picked up from the quilter. This is her Tag Sale quilt from a Miss Rosie pattern. Any time you want to give me one of your quilts, Audrey, I'll take it - especially this one :D

She also picked up a couple darling baby quilts. Aren't these aren't the most precious things? And always being on top of her game, Audrey made these to have on hand for when she needs a gift for a new baby or a baby shower. Hey, you're making the rest of us look bad who can't get our quilting act together!!

Then our quilt group does quite a bit of charity work. Every November we donate baby quilts to a home for unwed mothers. This is Audrey's quilt; I'm sure one of the young mothers will grab this one in a hurry. Aren't those bright fabrics just great!

This is a quilt I made for another charity project we have for this month. It's just a simple doll quilt, but it will go to a needy child.

I cannot tell you how beautiful this quilt top is. Cathy's taste in fabric is totally opposite of my primitive taste, but I fell in love with this. It's another four patch posy, and the fabric has sort of an Oriental/Hawaiian flavor to it. My camera does not do the colors justice. Trust me; this is one eye-catching beauty.

Now I didn't think we'd have time to do any running around, and I figured the only time we'd leave the house would be for dinner Saturday night. However, we did manage to make two trips to a new quilt shop in Erie. It's Burning the Midnight Oil Quilts, and you can check it out here. I needed border and lattice fabrics for my grandson's baby quilt, and Heather has really fabulous taste in fabrics. She pulled these two, and I think they just make the quilt. She is wonderful.

At one point during the weekend, Audrey mentioned that my house looked like a quilt shop threw up in it! You know the look - stacks of fabrics all over the place, tables littered with sewing supplies, threads covering the floor. It was the look we were going for, and it worked. Cathy brough us excellent cheese and ice cream from her dairy store; we ate like queens. Great weekend you guys; I can't wait to do it again. Love you both!


Sue said...

I really loved the quilt tour! Sounds like you all had sew much fun.
I love the idea of giving the baby quilts to the charity. That is something I am interested in doing as I love to make the baby quilts. (plus, they are easier to fit in my throat space).
Thank you for sharing your great pictures.

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely time you had, sewing, shopping, just being together...sounds ideal!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had the best time ever! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful lovely! :)

Jennifer said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I love the projects.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! The quilts are all gorgeous! What a talented group you are. Thanks for sharing the fun! -Tammy

Barb said...

I am so happy that you had a great weekend...and a very productive one too! You so deserved to have the fun and thank you for sharing the great pictures with us! Have a wonderful week!

Marie said...

Loved seeing all the quilts. Sounds like you had a great time together.

Lea said...

OMG, I love Cath Kidston and those bags are so lovely!!
Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures!

The imPerfect Housewife said...

What a fun, fun weekend - and such a neat idea!! I loved seeing all your projects and YES, I do feel inspired. Your little place settings were adorable and even the menu sounds AWESOME! It makes me want to have a weekend like that at my house - only I don't know how to quilt...yet! I'm available for your next sleep-over!! Have your people call my people. HA HA ♥

Farming On Faith said...

What a wonderful time!
Thanks for sharing the pictures!
Just lovely~

Farming On Faith said...

What a wonderful time!
Thanks for sharing the pictures!
Just lovely~

Diana Ferguson said...

Oh My! I really enjoyed looking at all the projects. Thanks for sharing them.