Friday, June 26, 2009

Still Alice

As I've mentioned before, my mom has Alzheimer's. I read this book from the library which really helped me understand what she may have been going through when she first started to slip away from us. Definitely an easy read and I could identify with many of the oddball things the character Alice did in the first stages of the illness. And then there were times when I just plain felt sad for Mom. I highly recommend this book if you are dealing with someone with this disease.

Here's the link to Barnes & Noble if you're interested in this book.


Sue said...

It is sad when we see loved ones slipping away with this terrible disease. I hope the book was helpful and somehow a comfort to you!
May your day be a truly blessed one!

Sara said...

I think I will look for this book! My mom suffers from this awful disease!!!

Barb said...

Thank you Mary for the suggestion on the book! At this point I am blessed in the sense that I am not in need of it, but just to know it would be available is a comfort! You are a blessing for your Mom, to be there for her, and doing your research and reading about what is recognized as the changes in the lives of so many! Bless you Mary, I truly admire you, and am fortunate to have you in my blogging friend world! Someday I hope it can be meeting in person in our state of PA!

Juliann said...

I have been reading this book - well I started it this spring but then put it down and need to pick it up again. My mom also has alzheimer's. I have just found your blog but I am always happy to find how connected our lives are in this world of blogging.