Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday sew day

Today the quilt group I belong to is getting together at Mary Lou's for a sew day. Because I don't feel like lugging a sewing machine and project and basket of supplies, I'm taking hand sewing. I have a small stack of cross stitch projects that need just a few stitches on each one before it'll be ready for framing or sewing into a pillow, so that's what I'll be working on. I haven't been so a meeting of the group since our Christmas party, so I'm looking forward to seeing them. I hope to having pictures later.

I'm taking a loaf of cinnamon quick bread for the food table and a pincushion for the hostess. Mary Lou is a retired widow just home from her winter in Florida. I love going to her house; she is so sweet. Hope your day includes some fun as well.

What a terrific day! These women are so talented and creative; I came home with tons of ideas and to a husband who doesn't mind if I spend the rest of the evening with a needle in my hand. Let me show you just some of what I saw today.

First up is this Christmas quilt that Audrey made. She and I each made a stack of dark green/tan nine-patch blocks and then swapped half. We like each other's taste better than we like our own, so we use the swap idea to give each of us a good-looking quilt. I was going to hand quilt mine; but after seeing hers, I think I will splurge and have mine professionally stippled.

This is another one of Audrey's quilts. I love what she does with 30's prints.

This is Donna's bulls eye quilt. She made this one a while ago. Some of the quilters have exchanged fabrics and background squares to make bulls eye quilts again. I'm not crazy about the pattern, so I didn't participate in this exchange. However, after seeing this quilt, I wish I had!

Another one of Audrey's quilts. She brought three to stitch the bindings on. I think she got almost done with one. We just plain had too much show and tell, food, and stories to tell.

Terri worked on this. We keep a stack of quilts on hand to give to fire victims, cancer patients, or just anyone in need. We've done this pattern quite often, and this round was done in 30's fabrics plus another one in red/white/blue. This pattern looks good no matter what combination we use.

There was so much more; my mind is reeling! Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Sue said...

Enjoy your day! That just sounds like good fun. I have decided that for the summer months I will stick with hand sewing so that I can take it anywhere especially outside to enjoy all of God's beauty!
Your cinnamon bread sounds oh so good!

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

Wow! Such talent!

Today at the craft show, the woman next to use made quilts. They were the kind that you merely stitch over fabric that has a design on it...such as Precious Moments or Winnie the Pooh. They were nothing like your quilts and though some were very large, paaaaaaled in comparision to everything you showed today. She was selling them for $300 and said she put 349 hours into each one. Yikes. I think you would have made a killing on some quilts. Feel free to send some my way and I'll sell them for you. We'll split it say 80/ get the 20, I get the 80. Hahaha. :) Love you.

Audrey said...

It was a great day, food, fabric and friends. Our sewing buddies are a tremendously talented group of people and I always come home wanting to do everything I saw. Thanks, Mary for sharing the pictures.

Barb said...

WHAT A FUN DAY you must have had, I love what you are showing us! I clicked on each picture to have a closer look, the colors and patterns are so well coordinated! Talents abound with your group! Happy Mother's Day to you Mary!