Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look what I found!

I was dropping off some bags of clothes at the Salvation Army the other day, and I decided to check out the basement to see what treasures they had there. This is what I bought, and I absolutely love it. In fact, I was able to buy four - this one in pink plus one in blue, one in purple, and one in green. I think they'll make a cute presentation for fresh fruit or even a pudding dessert.

Jenny told me she never thought she'd find a martini glass in this house. I told her put a few polka dots on something, and I'll buy just about anything.


Barb said...

Oh Mary, a very pretty find...and there are lots of possibilities for these glasses. A friend of mine would put flowers floating in this type of glass for table center was beautiful, with small, low votive candles around the base! Ask my granddaughter she will tell you IF if has polka dots...I go for it everytime :>), I guess we have yet another thing in common!! Have a great day!

Sue said...

That's a sweet find. You can use those for so many things besides martini's! I like the idea of pudding jars or fruit for the summer months. The colors are right too for summer stuff. Good for you!!

Pam said...

That is a great find. There are lots of possibilities for this!

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

So cute! I'm a nut for polka dot shoes. I have no less than three pairs of shoes with polka dots on them. Now I know who I get it from!