Monday, May 18, 2009

Audrey and I were going to the big quilt show in Columbus, Ohio, next month and stay with Cousin Cathy. Cathy called last week, and her husband is TAKING HER ON A CRUISE to the Scandanavian countries and St. Petersburg RUSSIA the very same weekend. Now let's see, a quilt show with Audrey and me or a cruise. What do you suppose she decided :D

Anyway, the consolation prize is that I asked her to come over for a weekend sometime this summer. Sounds more like the booby prize! But we are making plans for a weekend of talking, sewing, laughing, and eating. Our plans may have changed, but that's ok. Happy sailing, Cathy and Dan!

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Sue said...

The cruise does sound lovely, but I think I would prefer the quilt show!

Thank you so much for the lovely pincushion! I don't think I could have gotten my points that straight on such small blocks! It's beautiful! Big hugs!!