Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ruth Emma Luce Sampler

This is the sampler I made for the Blackbird Design contest. My Gramma Ruth was born in 1898 in Ripley, New York. She and Grandpa Jesse raised 10 children on their farm. I don't remember ever seeing her with a needle in her hand, but I know she sewed as she taught her daughters to make their clothes. And Gramma probably had piles of mending and alterations to do as clothes were passed from one child to the next. My mom used to tell me Gramma always said "waste not - want not." Audrey and I have both have stitched samplers with that phrase.

The Blackbird chart had stitching errors to it as if a child had stitched the sampler. Good thing; that made it easier to put in Gramma's information without having to make sure everything was centered. This is one piece I would like to have framed.


Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

It's so nice, Mom! I just love it. And I love the story around it. I really enjoy hearing the stories of family history.

Sue said...

Well, I enjoyed hearing that story as well. I love the stitchery! I was just telling my husband last night that I wish I had more stories of my grandmas. They both died when I was so much younger. I know my paternal grandmother quilted as I have one of her quilts! It's a little torn and tattered, but I will always cherish it as I do have good memories of her visits. I just don't remember her telling much of her sewing days:/

Have a wonderful day today!

Jennifer said...

Just think, someday maybe Natalie will be stitching something in your honor as well.

Audrey said...

What a sweet thought that Jennifer had! Nattie stitching... it brings a smile to my face!

Sandy said...

Hi Mary,
Thank you for visiting Quill Cottage. I see that you are very skilled with a needle, I love the sampler. I too love to do needlework, especially in winter. I taught myself how to embroidery, do cross stitch, and needlepoint. I gave a go at tatting and crochet by failed miserably but it was fun trying. I think your sampler would be lovely framed. Have a sweet Saturday.

MARCIE said...

I have been looking at these little samplers and they are so nice. Yours is wonderful! I love it by the framed photo.