Monday, August 11, 2014

I quit my job and moved to a new town.  I've got some plans in the works which I'll talk about at another time.  I also have a new job with a trucking company that is interesting and that I enjoy (no, I'm not a driver).  The two ladies I work with are both fun, and I look forward to going to work.

My friend Dave and I were at the town's street festival a few weeks ago, and one of the vendors was a woman who was advertising her soon-to-open quilt shop.  She gave me information on the local quilt group.  At last - I found my kind of people! 

I went to Saturday's meeting, and the ladies were all very friendly.  The show and tell was outstanding; I was very intimidated!  But back home, I thought of the quilts I've made in the past; and I think I will be just fine with this group. 

This is Iowa Girl which I made a few years ago.  I went through the archives of my blog to look at some of my past work, and this is one of my favorites.  I have a few UFO projects in the sewing room that I want finished up in time for Christmas.  So I think I will have some pretty good show and tell next month when I go back to the guild meeting.

And this is a quilt I made almost two years ago with my friends from my TT quilt group.  I've had emails from women asking who's pattern this is.  In looking through my old blog posts, I found the information.  The quilt is Old Glory, and it's from Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.

Yes, I think I'll take a couple of my quilts for next month's show and tell.


Elizabeth said...

Having seen photos of your quilts, I dont think you have anything to worry about....yours are so lovely.
Very glad you have found new house, job and quilt group!

Jean said...

Sounds like a fun quilting group and it will be fun to have other quilters to share ideas and sew with!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Congratulations on moving--new town new job new beginnings.

You will do fine with new quilt ladies

Sue said...

So glad you've found a quilt group! I'm still hoping for that in my town!

Can't wait to hear all about your upcoming news!!

Melanie said...

Wonderful!!! The right things are all coming together.... I knew they would! Your quilting is YOUR style and beautiful. Looking back at your journey--- this is just a great story.

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Mary, my sweet friend Mary!! That's a wonderful picture of you and Dave! Sounds like you are doing well... new town, new job, new quilt group. And YES you are talented enough to join ANY group. My goodness girl. There's that flag quilt that I dearly love. =] Glad to see that things are going well for you. Enjoy the rest of your week~

Christine said...

Good luck with all of your new ventures in your new town. Both of these quilts are beautiful but especially the Idaho Girl! I've never seen that pattern before - love it!

Farmhouse prims said...

I love your quilt, you are blessed with an awesome talent. Lecia

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