Sunday, December 2, 2012

God's mercy is so awesome.  Last night my daughter Julie was in her car coming home from a church craft party.  Only a couple miles from her home, she was hit head on by a drunk driver.  We are praising God this morning because although her car was totaled, she is fine with just a compound fracture to her back - nothing a few pain meds and muscle relaxers can't help.

And because she lives in a small town, her husband Travis was one of the first on the scene.  He is a volunteer fireman; and as luck would have it, this was the first emergency call he was able to assist at.  The woman who was driving the truck that hit her is the mother of one of their daughter Natalie's classmates.  Already this morning Julie has told Natalie that she was in a car wreck and that she is not to talk about this in school.  The grace that Julie has brings tears to my eyes.

So their little family will be in church today to testify to God's provision and protection.  We will never understand how deep the love of God is for each one of us.


Sue said...

Praise God! I am so thankful that your daughter was not hurt worse and that she will be okay.

It is so true that we will never fully understand the depths of God's love for us, yet He continues to pour out His mercies each and every day.

Praise the name of Jesus!

Elizabethd said...

The Lord is so merciful. I'm so glad it wasnt worse, and hope your daughter will feel recovered soon.

Karen Sue said...

saw the whole family today in church after hearing about it on the phone early this morning. So glad there is a happy ending to this story.

The Old Parsonage said...

Oh my! So glad that she is ok Mary - praise the Lord!!!

Enjoy the blessings of the season!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a fine testimony of your daughter and her character and to the mighty love and protection of our Father. You remember the verse that says whatever the enemy meant for destruction, God turns those things toward good, and all those things work together for our good. Praying for Natalie and her mom. Praising God for Julie's protection.
And praying for you as you embark on another journey toward the perfection of your sainthood. :) I remind my Rick of this since he was notified last week with the same news. But praise be to God who holds us in the palm of His hands. He will never leave us or forsake us. We'll be fine. God bless you, friend.

Anonymous said...

Praise God! You must be so relieved... I am thinking about those poor families that have lost children in Conneticut. May God help them.

Pokey said...

Oh, Mary, I am slow to the news, but so glad for you all! God does do amazing work, Praise Him! I do hope she is well mended by now, and I'm praying that this other Momma can be reached with the gospel through this. Merry Christmas to you and yours, love, pokey

Angie's Corner said...

Mary lou
I am so very glad that Julie is ok. God certainly is GREAT! I miss you and have been thinking of you quite often <3

Flat Creek Farm said...

Well, Praise the Lord she will be ok. Wow! We truly just never know! And I cannot believe I have been away from your blog this long. Bless you and your family! -Tammy