Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Farmer's Wife

I received my package of fabrics from Primitive Gatherings for the first installment of The Farmer's Wife block of the month. I told my cousins Audrey and Cathy that the fabrics will remind them of molasses cookies and a big farmhouse. They are definitely old lady looking!

Now some of my friends and I are just getting started in the whole gramma thing, and I don't see us as I remember my Gramma Fisher. We are working fulltime jobs outside our homes, and most of us don't have time for vegetable gardens and canning food. We may putter with a couple tomato plants and put up a few half pints of homemade jam, but Gramma Fisher was feeding 10 children plus a hardworking farmer husband; so she depended on her garden. Her faith, family, home, and church were all very important to her.

My Gramma Brown was a different kind of gramma and totally opposite from Gramma Fisher in every way. Her husband died before the children grew up. She couldn't afford to support all of them, so my dad was raised by his uncle and aunt who were childless. She was married three times which isn't uncommon these days, but when Dad was young, it was pretty crazy. And I imagine she lived life on the wild side, if you catch my drift. Gramma Fisher toted her Bible, and Gramma Brown had her six pack and cigarettes.

When my daughter Mandy was born, Dad took us to visit Gramma Brown so he could show off his first grandchild. Gramma was watching professional wrestling which she called 'the fights'. I laugh when I think about it now because she had difficulty dividing her time between the television and her company. Sorry, Mandy; don't take it too hard!

Both Grammas were wonderful in their own way, and I will always remember funny little bits about each one. It almost scares me to think what Natie and Max will come up with when they remember me!


Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

You made me laugh out loud when you said the fabrics were definitely old lady looking! So I wonder what that makes me because I really like those colors! =]

I enjoyed reading your memories of your grandmas. How funny that they were so different, especially for back then. And I'm sure that Natie and Max will think you are the best grandma there ever was!

Have a delightful day~

Lindah said...

Interesting memories! I, too, wonder about the memories we are leaving for our children and grandchildren. At the moment, we just need to move nearer our grands so we can make some memories together.

I like your old timey blocks and fabrics. I have some 30's fabrics and some 30's repros that I set aside a few years ago. hmmm, wonder when I will get to them. Soon, I hope, while I can still enjoy them. It's a cinch my kids won't.


Thelma said...

What a nice post, I loved reading about your Grammas.

I'll be eager to see how your Farmer's Wife BOM progresses.

Farming On Faith said...

I so enjoyed this post. It makes me think of both my Grandmothers. I really am like both of my grandmothers in different ways!

Sue said...

That block of the month looks wonderful! I love Primitive Gatherings and it is a trip I hope to make this summer.

Loved reading about your Grandmas. That was sweet!!

Have a wonderful day

At Home With Amy said...

What a delightful story Mary. I really enjoyed reading it.
I love your fabrics. I'm sure you are going to make something wonderful from them. Can't wait to see.

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi, I love those fabrics. Your Grandmas sound similiar to mine. My Nana was the wild one, six packs and ciggarettes included. she used to take me to the legion and I would drink Shirly Temples while she sat at the bar. My Mem was a homemaker and always made our gifts, cooked from scratch and cleaned with a white glove. When I was younger I idolized Nana. Now, as a mom and wife I wish I had paid more attention to my Mem.

Barb said...

How sweet, your sharing about your "grams"...and I am sure Natie and Max will have very special thoughts about time spent with you and your hubby! Your BOM blocks are sweet...very nicely done, but that is not a surprise! Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings coming your way from this part of PA ~~

Karen said...

I was looking at "The Farmers Wife" book at the quilt shop. Couldn't make up my mind whether to purchase it or not. Your blocks are making me think maybe I should have.