Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm still here

It's been a quiet couple of weeks around here, and I like it like that. In checking around at some of my favorite blogs, I see several people are taking a blog break over the summer; and I can see why. There are so many things going on that's it hard to do it all.

My husband started a new job last week. Fortunately it was his choice and not something that was the result of this economy. He is happier when he gets home, and that's important.

On the sewing front, I am almost finished with this pillowcase. I have yet to make the buttonholes and sew on the buttons. This is Minick & Simpson's picture; they do a better job than I do at taking pictures.

I also made a few of these pincushions from a Miss Rosie pattern. They turned out a lot bigger than I expected. I want to make the strawberry pincushion as well, but that will have to wait.

And have you seen these? These scrap bags were handed out last week at our quilt meeting, and Audrey picked one up for me. In my bag were cuts from the Blessings line, and they are beautiful. I am making another Petits Fours tablerunner, and it's going to be a winner. The colors of my scraps were mostly reds, greens, and tans; so I'll use this at Christmastime.

In the evenings I have been doing a lot of cross stitch. One of the engineers where I work is starting to make frames, and I've asked him to frame something I finished years ago. I'm hoping his work will be nice and that his price will be fair.

I hope you are doing well and are enjoying these last few days of summer.


Farming On Faith said...

Welcome back friend~
Missed hearing from you!

Barb said...

So happy to see your latest posting...I have missed reading what you have been up too! Congrats to your hubby on his new job! Your projects are so sweet that you are sharing with us! Have a wonderful evening!

Sue said...

I was wondering if you were on vacation! I haven't been blogging too much either...mostly checking in and reading blogs.
My dad is back in the hospital so that keeps one busy. I should be taking him back home tomorrow!
Nice to see all the cute things you are working on too!


I like the things you are working on --they are really 'neat'--glad your DH found a job he enjoys better--keep sewing--hugs,just, Di

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Welcome back! I was wondering about you the other day! I just got my very first sewing machine,and while reading the info on it, I thought of you and all the other talented ladies in blog world!
Can't wait to see the framed piece :)
Blessings, Misha

Flat Creek Farm said...

Missed you! Glad you're back, and sounds like you've been very busy. Love the pillow, and the pincushion. I always glance longingly at my sewing machine when I see your beautiful projects. Hopefully this Fall/Winter I can get back to it! -Tammy

Elizabethd said...

I think we are all feeling the heat and not writing very much at the moment!
I wonder what your cross stitch is? I'm doing a Told in the Garden one.

Melanie said...

There's something to be said for the quiet.... love your projects.

The imPerfect Housewife said...

I just love it here, can I just say that??? Your work is so beautiful and I feel inspired...sometimes...not always...but I love to look!!!! Have a great week ~

Anonymous said...

So pleased for your hubby, hope his job continues to be a blessing to you all.

Love all your beautiful projects too, you are a busy lady! :)

At Home With Amy said...

I love your pillowcase. The bedding under it is beautiful as well. Good news about your hubbys new job. May you both be richely blessed by the move.
Have a great day.

Andrea said...

Your work is so beautiful! Always!

I rejoice with you over your husband's job! Praise His name! He is good! Forever and ever!

I have had quite a time keeping up with my blog due to busyness. I look forward to a settled fall. :)

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you this day, dear friend.

Peace and Grace to You,


antique quilter said...

oh I have wanted to make that cross stitched pillow too!
I just love it
instead I am making the basket quilt!
I need to get back to that, its a fun quilt to make and love that I can take the baskets with me to work on