Friday, June 19, 2009


So. It's been pretty quiet around here lately, but I'm not complaining. My daughter Jenny has been working with her friend Kim who is a personal trainer. Jenny is training with her with the plan of possibly running a race later this year. Now I've never claimed to be a runner, but I do combine a bit of running with my walking in the hopes of burning more calories. This past week I really applied that theory. Can you imagine my surprise at the weekly weigh in at work - I was up 1.2 pounds.

Last night our quilt group got together at Sue's, and it was the first meeting I'd been to this year. This time of year show and tell can be pretty slim as everyone is usually busy with gardens and picnics instead of sewing. Sometimes, though, it's inspiring just be be with this group of women and listen to them talk. Some of the stitchers have been working on this

Double click on the picture, and you can see it better. Betsy, the over-achiever, got hers done in a month.

Audrey and I are hitting the road today. She had some vacation days that needed to be used or lost, and I'm always up for a day off. We're heading to a quilt shop and a cross stitch shop just over the border in Ohio. So I'm heading out for my walk/run; gotta make sure I gain another pound or two for next week's weigh-in.


At Home With Amy said...

You gained muscle Mary. Haven't you heard that muscle weighs more than fat? Some days I feel and look way more muscular than I really am! lol!!
Enjoy your day out with Audrey.

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

Yeah Mom, muscle! So, is that a photo of your new vehicle? I seem to remember it being much newer looking. We're going out to dinner tonight with some of Shane's friends from work and his boss. These are the guys that I make lunches for. They want to give us a thank-you dinner. I think I'm making lunches for another six weeks. Should be fun! I hope you have a great time with Audrey. Knowing you two, you'll have a ball. You're quiet the pair. :)

Sue said...

You are doing better than me! All I've done this week is quilt some more on that little quilt I started over a month ago. It's taking longer than I thought. I think I am suffering from A.D.H.D or something!
Have fun at your quilt shop! That is ALWAYS fun!