Monday, June 8, 2009

An award from Carrie!

I just started reading Carrie's blog, Farming on Faith. I'm telling you, throw the word farm on a blog name, and I'll be reading it. Her blog is really lovely and full of good ideas of things to try.

This is an award she sent my way. Hmmm, I try to be honest every minute; but what do I want to reveal?!

Here are the rules of the award.

First, thank the giver. Thank you Carrie that you thought of me with this award. With 59 followers at this point, you had several to chose from; but you still came up with me as one of those.

Second, list 10 honest things about myself. Here goes:

1. My faith in Jesus Christ is very important to me.
2. I have a job that I love in a company that I am proud to work for. I wish I could stay at home everyday, though.
3. I like to start new projects; finishing them is another story.
4. I like good mail days.
5. I tend to be very critical about things I produce - my quilting, a stitch project, or even a new recipe.
6. I don't take compliments well (see #5 above).
7. I am a homebody.
8. I am a worker in the background. Let someone else get the glory.
9. I don't like to exercise (but I do it anyway).
10. I love to cook and especially to bake. I have to cut back on the baking (see #9 above).

Third, post the Scrap award.

Fourth, list seven other bloggers I feel deserve this award. I've already awarded some blogging friends with an award, so I'm going to give this award to seven other bloggers I enjoy reading.

1. My daughter at Mandy at Miss(es) Canadian Pie
2. My daughter Jenny at Our Blessed Home

I am hoping the words Joan Crawford Mommie Dearest don't come up when they respond!

3. Karen at Quilting with Grace
4. Sophie at Becoming a Homemaker
5. Lea at Simple Pleasures
6. Jody at Gumbo Lily
8. Amy at At Home with Amy

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Sue said...

what a sweet award! and congratulations to you!
Enjoy your day!