Saturday, May 16, 2009


The little town that Julie lives in celebrates its Dutch heritage most every spring with a tulip festival. Like most small town festivals, it's a good opportunity to hook up with your friends and enjoy a spring Saturday.

I especially enjoy the parade. Picture this - A lot of people on the sidelines and most in the parade are dressed in Dutch garb complete with the wooden shoes. One of the first entries are the young moms and their new babies with the babies being pushed in Victorian baby buggies. Even the little babies are dressed Dutch. But before the parade can begin, some of the adults and lots of children need to clean the street! The pails of water and the mops are flying; it's so darn cute! Once the mayor inspects the street and declares it clean enough, the parade will begin.

My favorite entry in the parade is the group of elementary school children that do a wooden shoe dance. Someday I hope Natalie will be in that bunch, and she will have an outfit made by this Gramma!

The past few years I have participated in the 5K run/walk with my friend Betty. Last year I placed third for my age division which doesn't sound real impressive except for the fact that it was the largest division that year. My prize - a wooden shoe!

This year the whole shebang was canceled. But that's ok because we have a busy weekend planned. The Canadians Mandy and Shane and the granddogs Tag, Bee, and Jake arrived last night. For them it's a long weekend with Monday being Victoria Day, their version of Memorial Day. Shortly after they came, Jenny and Randy stopped in on their way home from a week vacation in South Carolina. Of course, Julie, Travis, and Natalie were here as well. It was messy and crazy; we had a ball.

Graduation at the college Julie attends is next Saturday, so this week there are several family activities planned. Today we are going to a free carnival for the families of the students. God forbid that Natalie should experience something new without Gramma and the aunts there to see it! Afterward it's back to the house for a picnic.

Cost to feed this gang for a weekend - I don't want to think about it

Having the whole family together - priceless

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Sue said...

What a cool post! I love the whole dutch parades. They have those here in Holland, Michigan too! I guess that is big dutch territory. It's neat that you took third place last year and won a wooden shoe! I think those are neat!
Enjoy your week as it sounds like it will be busy!